Illustrations for Fierce Women cards WoW extension set

It was such a pleasure to work on the contest for Fierce Women WoW card deck extension cards.

One of the fierce women I chose to illustrate is Marta Paulin Schmidt – Brina – Slovenian dance artist, choreographer, and dance pedagogue, considered to be the first contemporary dancer in Slovenia before the Second World War. She was an active participant in the National Liberation War, where she was given a partisan name Brina. More about her you can read here: Brina’s words: “Dance calls for a battle, it wins in battle; it divorces with joy: because of the struggle, because of the endured efforts, because of the power, because of the historical act itself. ”

Maude Delap. A self-taught marine biologist, known for being the first person to breed jellyfish in captivity, and thus observed their full life cycle for the first time. Delap became increasingly interested in the life cycle of various species of jellyfish, being the first person to successfully breed them in captivity in her home laboratory using homemade aquariums. She bred them in bell jars and published the results, observing their breeding and feeding habits. It was due to this pioneering work that the first identification of the various life cycle stages (medusa and hydra) belong to which species. Her laboratory was referred to as the department which her nephew, Peter Delap, described as a “heroic jumble of books, specimens, aquaria, with its pervasive low-tide smell.” Due to her contributions to marine biology, she was offered a position in 1906 in the Plymouth Marine Biological Station, she declined due to her father’s reaction, which reputedly was “No daughter of mine will leave home, except as a married woman.”
More about her you can read here: