376 house number

House Number 376, installation, Museum of Contemporary Art, winner ESSL ART award 2011

In this multimedia installation, through the documentation of act of singing, I’m involved in the moment of healing painful experiences of my ancestors.

The starting point for the work is the death of my grandmother brother, uncle Ivic in World War II. He died very young and family did not know where he was buried.
In order to change the family’s narrative of loss, I propose to my family that we offer our uncle a different scenario by singing him a song where instead of going to the war and to death that morning, we offer him a scenario where he gets up early in the morning and in the garden he sees a girl.
The rope in the installation is the Axis Mundi – bridge between worlds, a belief that comes from the Amazonian Indians.
They believed that the rope is connecting the worlds of the dead and the living, and the shaman is traveling on rope in the upper and the lower world, or to the other side.
My family has rope trade so I am taking over the trade from my family in metaphorical way.