The questions I am dealing with within my practice revolve around subject of family, identity, belief systems, and social interaction.
My work speak from a subjective viewpoint and as such is personal and intimate but at the same time on the edge of social –political with a strong sense of self- exploration and self-inquiring.

I work through various media: from classical drawing to photography, installations, video, documented performances, and film.
Part of my method of work is the encounter, meaning that I don’t know things in advance but my work is building up organically as I progress, as well during working with my protagonist, collaborators and participants, as from one person to the next, experimenting and learning from ad hoc experience.

I developed this method during a 2 year research Filming Beyond (social practice where I use camera to meet people, while at the same time questioning it’s power and tools).

The focus in my work is always on my immediate surrounding, on the human and his relationship with history, family, home, environment and nature. The humanism that is an ever present element in my work, is probably a need to build or to regain trust towards the human being and its potential and re-establish its connectedness with a broader context, others, environment and nature. Coming from a workers family – the man who crates through his or hers own contribution is the key and point of my interest. As well often I work with the notion of voice.

In my audio-visual work there is as well an element of working with emotions, empathy and humour, I often create bond with people involved in my project and am always thinking how a small project can affect a community. Often I am part or involved in many of my works because I use myself as well as a protagonist or device to connect, bridge the distance in between me and the other.

And often my position travels from fear to connectedness and from gaze to contact.