Mula, roots bound together

Documentary film, 26′
Performance, booklet, 2013
Balkan Documentary Center Award 2014

Homesickness is a dream of belonging, being once FROM a place and not AT a place.

Zygmunt Bauman

Author of this film is showing us in first scenes her parents giving her their books and her own interpretation of those ideologies.

Later she puts her mother and father in roles of spectator and narrator of the footage in which they were main subjects three years before. Trying to show her gratitude and in a way trying to say goodbye to things that represent them she spends time with them, drawing plants in their garden while spending time with her mother or talking with her father while they are watching the footage where he is getting ready for his job.

In both of these situations, we can feel their relations, in an essayist way we can feel their distance and closeness.

Trough moving act of self-observation and positioning role of work and labor, and her own artistic calling in the constellation – mother- father-daughter  we are watching the family in all of its fragility and power.