Beyond the Choir

Multimedia installation, 2019

Through the project Beyond the Choir I pose questions about how it’s possible, through the act of filming, to go beyond stereotypes and that which I already know, to go beyond the context of my island and its locations and people.

Can research into peoples’ intimate relationship with a place, be at the same time a laboratory to look deeper into the act of filming and the role of the camera in social interaction?

And can it thus be a way for me, as a maker, to solve the question of my own belonging? How can I use the camera and the act of filming to share a moment with the other?

How do we relate to and trust each other? Beyond the Choir, consists of 7 sequences in which each of the 7 members of the Krijanca traditional male choir, take me to a place on the island that is important to them.

Part of this method, which I call ‘Take me somewhere’, is that they do not reveal beforehand where they’ll take me, just like I do not reveal why I ask them.

By visiting these locations my intention was to get an insight into my protagonists’ intimate relation with that specific location or landscape and to get the chance to see the location through their eyes and emotions.

The moment of the act of filming however brings to the surface our relationship and exposes the process of filming itself; my protagonists perform themselves and I perform the director. The 8th sequence is a sequence of their gathering where they perform their group identity.
They sing.