Research presentation in de Appel, Amsterdam


Screening Programme in De Appel Bar, taking place on November 8, December 13 and January 10th.

HEARTH is a series of screenings and conversations in De Appel Bar, led by a group of international artists and researchers working in and through film.
Hearths will be taking place in three long nights of early winter 2019/20, gradually investigating how can artistic research be presented and invite audiences to question the boundaries of art, film, and cinema in the contemporary critical discourse from the position of practice-based research.

We invite artists, curators, filmmakers, film nerds, critics, researchers, academics and visual artists who work with film. Together we want to define the tools and limitations of the artistic practice between classic cinema, art, and modern Film and Art industries.
Each evening will be hosted by a different artist.

Hearth 1, November 8:
The space of Research – Focusing on trajectories

Hosting and Introduction by Julia Sokolnicka

During the first Hearth, we will address the practice that emerges from the film on the level of individual trajectory and try to inform the space of the research in its temporality. We will talk to artists whose work is influenced by their topics and who subject their choices to the practice, not the other way around.

During the Hearth 1 Space of Research, we want to discuss:

-Film as time-based media (tradition of time-based media) that gives the research a unique position.
– The notion of gaze, Subjectivity of an artist with a camera. Personal Archives and Approaches.
-The uniqueness of film as research through practice as opposed to research in Academia. The tool of an archive, living the art, etc.
– Research in Film as opposed to research in Film industry – not product-oriented but open.
-Research in Film being different than research in Art – critical tools and product orientation
-Critical perspective. Art as privileged to occupy certain critical narratives characteristic for Art industry and not film Industry.
-Narratives are difficult to present – the question of presentation of the film research.

Sabina Mikelić,
Filming Beyond

Sabina’s research deals with the act of filming and how through the act and the device trust and relations with her subjects can be questioned. At the same time, all the complexities of the relation between director and subject become visible. The choice of format, image ratio, and framing plays an important role in her research and allows her to come to her own understanding of what lies behind her aesthetic choices, and how she deals with the apparatus of cinema.

Sabina will screen elements of her trajectory of Filming Beyond, and talk about her perspectives on research through cinema