Collaboration with Kik Melone – dance artists and coreographers Silvia Marchig, Sonja Pregrad, Pavle Heidler.

My darlings,

I’ll skip introduction, you know chronology of the situation. All in all, I’m in Zagreb now and I’m trying to catch all the loose ends where I left them seven days ago. I write today, because Sonja and I talked some 8 days ago and we concluded Pavle, that it would be good if we included you in some of our contemplation.

Here, I will now try to recall it and write down what we were discussing:

– the process that we plan is primarily a research, and we want to keep it unburdened and free from the pressure of production

– as a paradox to point 1, we would like to document it. Therefore, we think it is interesting to include a video artist (male or female) into the work who would be present during the process. Function of this video artist is witnessing, which means in a way that this person is not involved in our dialogue under equal terms – in fact, this person is involved, but in a very specific way: as a camera lens that records events. At the moment, it seems to me that it is not possible to define the final result of his (her) work. Perhaps this will be hours and hours of recording for the purpose of archive, and perhaps it will be edited and become an autonomous work eventually.

– Sylvia Plath’s poetry is the starting point of the material and I understand it as such in the broadest possible sense. It is the trigger for contemplation about relationship between poetry and choreography; about time of the text, of the record and of what is read; about time of movement; about form; about contents; about language… and so on.

Spaces in which we work are important. We were thinking to change several locations during the seven days in question.

We plan to meet on the 12th of April; it is possible that this will yet be on the 13th April.

It is good to have at least some sort of plan to start with. I believe things will not change.

I don’t have to say that I can hardly wait to be with you.

Silvia Marchig